The Google Virtual Tour:

The Google virtual tour has been one of the best location identification systems to come out of the Google stables. It is an extension to the ever popular google Street view system enabling businesses to showcase their businesses to prospective customers via a 360 degree virtual tour and pin point photographs through Google Places, Google maps and Google searches.

Brings your business to life on the internet

Showcase areas of high interest e.g. restaurants, beauty salons, retail shops, showrooms.

A very powerful marketing tool enabling customers to know you before they meet you.

Engages prospective clients and customers.

Street view Technology makes it easy and intuitive for customers to see your business before visiting.

How it works

Process map:

Free Consultation and agreement
We arrange a meeting with the client at a mutually agreeable time to discuss the photo-shoot, time scales and to sign a service agreement

Site preparation
Client arranges for the site to be clean and presentable on the day of the shoot including all areas that need to be showcased on the tour.

The shoot
The photographer visits your business at the agreed date. The shoot generally takes between an hour and three hours depending upon the number of areas to be showcased. A digital agreement with Google is also signed on the date with google allowing them permission to use the photos. Payment under the service agreement is made at the end of the shoot.

Design and post production
The photos are digitally re-mastered back at our studios removing or blurring any faces or personal identification. All showcase, point of interest pictures are tagged and the virtual tour created. The tour is then uploaded and published on the web. The tour is checked by Google and as long as it meets the quality criteria is then available to view online.


Google Street View Trusted Photographer

Murat Kuscu has been fully trained and approved by Google to do 360° photography, build the Streetview style Virtual tours and integrate them into your Google Places pages

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